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November, we’re back… It’s almost winter in France!
Time for us to close this chapter of our lives that filled our hearts with joy and our
memories with many colors… Here’s a little report “on the spot”.
- 13 countries: 11 EU + Switzerland + Serbia
- 12 languages
- 325 million people
- 8 currencies
- 7 mountain chains
- Many rivers crossed!
- 14 big cities: Geneva, Basel, Strasbourg, Nuremberg, Prague, Vienna, Krakow, Budapest, Timisoara, Sofia, Thessaloniki, Naples, Genes, Nice
- 5 seas: Aegean, Ionian, Adriatic, Tyrrhenian, Liguria – we swam in the Aegean and took a ferry from the Ionian to the Adriatic
- 4 lakes: Leman, Neuchatel, Constance, Balaton
- 48 nights under the tent (1: “boars visit” at 4 a.m. in Czech Republic and 1: tent flooded at 2 a.m. in Italy)
- 1 night on hammocks – 1 night on the Greece-Italy ferry – 1 night on a swing seat
- 48 nights as guests: over at friends, family or spontaneous hospitality
- 26 nights in hotels
- 18 weeks, 126 days
- 7006 km (counting 10 without pedaling in Italy: broken chain, freewheel!)
- 50 km by train (road closed following the torrential rains end of October between La Spezia and Sestri Levante in Italy)
- 17 km/h on average per day
- 29 days of rest
- 97 days on the tandem: over 400 hours pedaling
- Too many vain attempts to say « we come from France » in Hungarian without being understood ;-((
- 2 times over speed limit (over 70 km/h)
- Several tractors and chariots passed (and 1 truck, almost)
- 7 burst tires (1 of those by night, under the rain)
- 1 tire changed
- 1 broken chain link
- At least 15 wild chases by Romanian, Bulgarian and Greek stray dogs
- Too many obnoxious smells (rotting carcasses, sewers, trash, exhaust pipes)
- Dozens of midges in the eyes
- Dozens of mosquito bites
- 2 wasp stings (in the eye, riding, ouch!)
- 5 times soaking wet (Jura, Black Forest, Lazio-Italy, Var, Bouches du Rhone)
- 1 blackout
- 2 contractures (calves)
- Some pain (back and knees)
- 6 travel journals
- 20,000 and some photos
- Hundreds of videos
- Dozens of Icebreaker tours ridden by Mic, especially to children :)
100% BY CHANCE MEETINGS: we were welcome by such beautiful people on the way,
among so many people we met: Christine in Germany – Martin & Mirka, Lenka & Ivo in
Czech Republic – the Mayr family, Hiram from Taïwan, Konrad & Lili in Austria – Peter,
Tomek & Madzia in Poland – Olivier, Sandor, Feri & Petra in Hungary – Nicolaï and
Stephanie in Romania – Pino & Pavlina in Bulgaria – Cathy, Alexandros & Eleni, Spuros &
Edith in Greece – Norbert & Christiane on the ferry – Davide & Milena, young Giuseppe,
Salvatore, Nello and his Auchan Pompeii colleagues, Cristiano, Sergio, Elvira, Massimo – 2
Marios in Italy, Jerome in Monaco… We hope to meet you again!
French connections: Besançon family (cyclo-campers in Black forest), Thomas & Marie
(tandemists Besançon-Budapest), ladies from Bordeaux (Nuremberg), Olivier (Hungary),
François (Bulgaria), Savvas, Edith, Norbert & Christiane (Greece), Alain, Florence (Italie)…
Happy to speak French with you!
FRIENDS’ CONNECTIONS: Andreas & Dominique, Daniel & Pierrette & family, Olivier &
Doris in Switzerland – David & Angela en Alsace – Robert & Annette, the Rosenkranz
family in Germany – Lilla and Gabriella, Paul, Stivi, Joska & Eva, the Living Hope family in
Hungary – John & Ani, Daniel & Cristina in Romania – Joel & Camelia in Bulgaria…
Thanks for welcoming us.
“GETS-TOGETHER”: we “pushed destiny” to visit our friends and family :
Etienne & Nicole, Paul & Evelyne in France – Tom & Julia in Germany – David & Mitelene
in Czech Republic – Patrick, Vivi & Milica, David & Lili, Sophie, Frazou & Nono in France…
We love you!
And of course, the classics: colors, flavors, discoveries and so many blessings that we
can’t count them – Ah long winter’s evenings to share and remember ;-)
BUT ABOVE ALL no big concern, no disease, no theft, no accident
Quite some good readings and meditation on life, priorities, happiness… We are both
Christians and this trip has been rich in experiences of “faith” as opposed to “fear”…
We enjoyed sharing this adventure!
We hope it will be a source of inspiration for you. Dreams are possible! This one came
true as we put together a series of “simple and ordinary” things. The final result may
appear “extraordinary”… However, we are far from being athletes. If we did it, you can
do it also! There’s no age limit for cycling and we remain convinced that “everything is
possible for him who believes”.
Thanks for following us, for encouraging us,
Special honors to the “FSA cyclist committee”: BRAVO for the last km!!! And to our
faithful readers: Martin Family and Tom & Julia, thanks for your warm messages every
week of the trip!!!

Mic & Celine